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Viking Appliance Repair

Viking Appliance Repair

Viking appliance owners know that their choice of appliance brand matters. Viking appliances are known for their quality construction, quality operation, and long-lasting durability. People buy Viking appliances because they know what they want, and they know they want quality. If something goes wrong with your Viking appliance, however, you want a similar level of quality in the appliance service company that you choose to work with. If you’re looking for Viking-like quality in a service company, look no further than New York Appliance Repair. We are here to help you with all of your Viking appliances, any day, anytime!

Viking Appliances Services from New York Appliance Repair

Viking is known for top of the line appliances, offering everything from refrigerators to range tops to gas and electric ovens. And Viking customers have come to understand the high level of quality and operations they can expect from Viking appliances. Even so, the savviest customer with the most sophisticated appliances will sometimes need service and repair, so when you’re looking for quality appliance service to match your quality appliances, you want New York Appliance Repair.

Common Viking Appliance Issues Seen at New York Appliance Repair

Viking is a brand known for its top-end appliances, whether we’re talking about ovens or refrigerators, dishwashers or microwaves. But what do you do when your Viking appliances show signs of wear and tear, or improper operation?

Here are some common issues we see in Viking units:

  • Range – Elements not heating completely, elements on heating at all, buildup of grime or residue
  • Oven – Food improperly cooked, heating control issues, electronics problems
  • Refrigerator – Condensation or moisture leaking from unit, unit not cooling food properly
  • Dishwasher – Dishwasher not filling or draining, cycle ending too soon, dishes still soiled after full cycle

Don’t wait to contact a team of professionals like New York Appliance Repair if you have concerns over the continued operation of your Viking appliance. You went with the Viking brand because you expect and want the best; now go with New York Appliance Repair for those same reasons. Call us today!

Friendly Customer Service You Should Come to Expect

Whenever you come to New York Appliance Repair with an appliance issue, you can trust that you’ll get only the highest level of customer service from us. From the minute you contact a friendly customer service representative (via phone, or online) you will be treated like the individual you are, with your individual needs coming first. After a quick exchange of information, our customer care rep will help you decide if a service visit is right for you.

If you need to schedule a service, repair, or maintenance visit, our customer care rep will work with your schedule to make sure that your day to day life isn’t interrupted by an appliance problem. Once the scheduled appointment is set, your worries are over. All you have to do is sit back and wait for a professional team of appliance repair technicians.

Professional Repair Service You’ll Get Every Time

A chat with our customer care representative will be all you need to understand why customer care comes first at New York Appliance Repair. You’ll be in great hands for the rest of your experience:

Prioritizing your schedule: New York Appliance Repair offers service visits 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your appliances aren’t waiting for a good time to go bad, so you shouldn’t have to wait for a good time for a service visit. Whenever you need us—day or night, rain or shine—we can be there for you.

Top repair experts: Our factory-certified expert technician teams are trained to the highest levels and skilled in using all the most modern tools to work on the most modern parts. Our repair technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, and trained to operate in residential and commercial settings.

Only the best parts and tools: Our service vehicles are chock-full of the best tools and parts for your needs.  We hold most appliance repair parts in our own warehouse, which means little or no waiting for part delivery. And since we use factory parts, we can guarantee many of our parts for many years after their installation. We demand the highest level of quality from all parts and tools that we use.

Estimates before work: New  York Appliance Repair technicians will always provide you with a free written quote for any work to be done at your home or business. We want your decision to work with us to be well-informed, and we want you to know that your decision is the right one to make.

Commercial or Residential Help From New York Appliance Repair

At New York Appliance Repair, we don’t just work in the residential appliance world. We certainly love making home visits to fix up the family’s Viking appliances, but we also enjoy working in the fast-paced, high-stakes commercial world. Our professional service teams are adept at working in business settings to repair commercial and industrial grade Viking appliances. When you have an appliance broken down, your business is affected. When your business is affected, your livelihood (the livelihood of those who work for you) is on the line. Don’t risk your livelihood on a worn-out or broken-down appliance. Call the professionals at New York Appliance Repair to talk about our service, repair, or maintenance programs today. You’ll be glad you did!

Call Us Today for Help With Your Viking Appliances

Call us today to work with the #1 local and professional Viking repair servicer in our area. Don’t risk your Viking appliances by going with just any old appliance repair company. Putting your trust in New York Appliance Repair means putting your trust in a company that has years of experience servicing our local community. No matter how big your problem, we can offer that same service to you. Call today!