Thermador Appliance Repair

Thermador Appliance Repair

If you own a quality Thermador appliance, you already know all of the benefits involved with the use of such a quality piece of engineering. Thermador appliances are built to operate to high-quality specifications, and they’re built to last. Since you went with a Thermador, it’s clear that you expect quality and reliability in all that you do. This attitude should extend right to your appliance service company—to the company that will keep your high-end Thermador appliances in operation. We at New York Appliance Repair want to be your #1 choice for high quality, local, professional appliance repair in the New York area.

Service for Your Thermador Appliances

Whether you own a Thermador refrigerator, a Thermador oven, or any other fine appliance from the Thermador brand, you probably have high expectations for its continued operational excellence. You didn’t purchase a name-brand appliance in order to deal with problems every day, but problems will occur from time to time—even in the highest quality of appliances. If you suspect any of your Thermador appliances are having mechanical issues, don’t wait to call New York Appliance Repair. Let us take a look before your small problem becomes a big one!

Common Thermador Issues Seen at New York Appliance Repair

A home stocked with Thermador appliances is in good hands, but what do you do if you think your appliance has a problem? Call New York Appliance Repair right away if you notice any of your Thermador appliances showing signs of wear and tear. Don’t wait for a small problem to become a big one:

  • Ovens – poor or uneven heating, bad results in food preparation
  • Dishwashers – dishes not clean after a full cycle, unit not draining or filling properly, strange sounds coming from appliance
  • Ranges – elements not heating or igniting properly, display issues
  • Refrigerators – uneven cooling, unresponsive thermostat, leaks around unit

Problems can happen even in the highest quality of appliances, so be sure to seek out the highest of quality repair service if you suspect you may have an issue in your home. Call us right away!

Friendly Customer Service From New York Appliance Repair

At New York Appliance Repair, we won’t settle for anything less than offering you the gold standard of customer service. When you pick up the phone (or the keyboard) to contact us, you’ll speak with a live human customer care representative. The customer care rep will take a few bits of information from you, and based on that information provide you with a path to appliance happiness.

If your path involves a service, repair, or maintenance visit, the customer care rep will match you with a professional team of repair technicians who will arrive right away to get your job done. We know that your life and your schedule are priorities, so we make it a priority to work with your busy schedule to avoid interfering with your life.

Professional Repair Service at New York Appliance Repair

Speaking with our knowledgeable customer care representative will show you that we mean business in regard to customer service. Every step of your repair process will be top-notch:

Your schedule, not ours: New York Appliance Repair offers service visits 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your appliances aren’t waiting for your days off to malfunction, so you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your time waiting on us.  Make the call, schedule an appointment, and we can be there for you anytime.

The best repair experts: All of our expert repair technician teams are factory certified at the highest levels, and skilled in operating modern tools to install modern parts.  Every one of our service techs is licensed, bonded, insured, and trained to operate with the highest levels of professional expectations. When you see our repair teams in action, you’ll be proud that you chose New York Appliance Repair.

Quality parts and tools: We utilize a fleet of service vehicles that is fully-stocked with modern tools and factory-certified parts to get your job done right.  Since we use factory parts, we can guarantee many of our parts for years after their installation, and since we stock most parts in our own warehouse, you won’t be left waiting for a second visit from us to get the job done.  Your convenience is our #1 priority.

No work without an estimate: New  York Appliance Repair technicians will always provide you with a free written estimate for any work to be done at your home or business. This means you’ll have all the pieces necessary (problem, work, and cost) to make the best decision for your home or commercial needs.

Commercial and Residential Services at New York Appliance Repair

Although nothing makes us happier than helping a local family keep their household running smoothly, we also take great pride in helping local businesses run effectively and efficiently. Whether your business is large or small, new or old, growing or stable, we want to help you. We are a local and trusted repair company, and now we want to be the local and trusted repair company for your business.

Call us today for routine service issues, emergency repairs at any time, routine maintenance programs, or commercial appliance consultation. Even if you’re not having any issues with your business appliances, we can assist you in making sure that you’re using your current appliances to the best ends, and that any future appliance purchases you make are the best ones for your situation. Call us right away to talk about the commercial services offered by New York Appliance Repair!

Call Us Today at New York Appliance Repair

You don’t want just any same-old appliance repair company servicing your Thermador appliances. You want someone with years of experience working on and offering maintenance to the Thermador brand. You want a company that knows all the right parts and all the right service techniques to work on a Thermador brand appliance the right way. Contact New York Appliance Repair for this service today!