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Sub Zero Appliance Repair

Refrigeration is a modern convenience that homes and businesses rely on each and every, and the Sub Zero brand of refrigeration appliances is the pinnacle of reliability and quality in the refrigeration world. For homeowners and business owners who expect only the highest quality of performance from their appliances, the Sub Zero brand is the answer. Those same consumers who expect high quality from their appliances also expect high quality from their appliance servicers, and New York Appliance Repair is here to rise to the challenge. We want to be your #1 local and professional appliance repair company in our area.

Sub Zero: Quality Service for your Top-End Appliance

You probably turned to Sub Zero brand appliances for your home or business because you expect reliability and quality in all appliance operations. Even with the finest of appliances, however, wear and tear does occur. Even in Sub Zero appliances, it is important to maintain a routine service schedule and to address any service issues as they arise. If you think your Sub Zero appliance is suffering from mechanical issues, don’t hesitate to call New York Appliance Repair right away.

Common Sub Zero Issues Seen at New York Appliance Repair

Sub Zero refrigeration appliances are among the highest quality appliances a home or business could purchase, but every appliance can suffer from maintenance issues.

Some problems we see with Sub Zero refrigerators are:

  • Temperature control issues
  • Unit too hot, or too cold
  • Accessory failure (ice or water maker, drawers, shelves, etc.)
  • Unit not level (needs foot adjustment)
  • Funny taste in ice or water
  • Lighting failure
  • Uneven temperature control
  • Complete unit failure (possible power supply or control board issue)
  • Leaking water or condensation

If you see your problem listed above, give us a call! Even if you don’t see your problem, or you’re not even sure what you problem is, contact New York Appliance Repair to speak with a professional about any appliance concerns you may have.

Friendly Customer Service From New York Appliance Repair

No matter what your appliance trouble is, we want your stress and woes to end with us. One way we’ll help the stress is by creating a stress-free operation when you work with us. Just pick up the phone, send a text, or use one of our online services to contact a customer care representative with New York Appliance Repair. You can exchange information with the representative, who’ll be able to set you on the right track to appliance bliss.

If a service call is in your future, the customer care representative will work with your schedule to create an appointment at your home or business. This appointment will be a service visit from a highly-trained team of service professionals who will be able to diagnose and solve any of your appliance problems.

Professional Repair Service at New York Appliance Repair

After speaking with our customer care specialist, you’ll understand why New York Appliance Repair is considered the #1 local appliance repair company. Every step you take with us will be the right step:

Schedule for you, not for us: We offer service visits 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your appliances aren’t waiting for convenient times to break down, and we won’t wait around to come help you out. Make the call, make the appointment, and we can be there for you.

Top repair experts to do the job: We make sure that all of our repair technician teams are factory trained at the highest levels, with every modern skill in appliance repair.  Every service tech is licensed, bonded, insured, and trained to operate only to the highest levels of professional expectations. When you see our repair teams in action, you’ll be glad you went with New York Appliance Repair.

Only the best parts and tools for your service: We utilize a high-tech fleet of service vehicles stocked with quality tools and parts to get your job done right.  We use factory-certified parts, and we can guarantee many of our parts for years to come. Since we stock most parts in our own warehouse, you won’t be left waiting for a second visit from us to get the job done.

Free estimates on all appliance work: We believe that no work should be done at your place of residence or business without a free quote being offered first. This quote will help you make the right decision for you and your family, and for your appliance needs.

Commercial and Residential Service from New York Appliance Repair

New York Appliance Repair takes great pride in keeping local households operation through efficient, effective, and affordable repairs. But did you know we also take pride in helping local businesses—small and large—keep their operations running smoothly, as well? We don’t just handle simple residential tasks—we also tackle the big commercial jobs.

Whether your business is small or large, new or old, growing or just maintaining its progress, New York Appliance Repair wants to be there to help your operations. Maybe you have a single Sub Zero brand appliance on site, or maybe you have dozens of Sub Zero brand appliances in use at your business. No matter what sort of enterprise you’re in, we can be here to help. New York Appliance Repair offers routine service visits, fast emergency repairs, and diagnostic maintenance programs. We even offer a consultation program in which we can make sure that your business is using all of its appliances in the best way possible. Call us to find out more!

Call Us Today at New York Appliance Repair

For Sub Zero brand repair in the New York area, you want New York Appliance Repair. We are the #1 trusted and local repair service company in our area, with years of experience working with local clients to back up our service promise. That promise is to offer you the same quality service that we would offer to our own family members—and nothing less. Call us today to set up an appointment to solve all of your appliance woes!